Places to Visit on Your Atlanta Vacation

When visiting this southern city, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle instead of checking things off of your tourist list. As long as you go to see these three hot spots then consider your Georgia getaway complete.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden

This urban oasis gets the title of one of the most beautiful city garden in the country. When visiting this garden you can either roam the place and look at the lavish botanical structures (woman, horses.) Or you can enjoy a drink or dinner at the eatery.

At night this spot lights up the all of the plants and flowers for a truly mystical experience.

Tickets to this place are of affordable price and it is fun for the whole family. There is an option to picnic instead of eating at the Green Cafe if you prefer your own food.

Concerts and art shows are often held at this venue as well for a separate price.

CNN Studio tour

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the second biggest news source in America? This tour will take you behind the scenes of what it is really like to work and live in the world of news.

This is an extremely appropriate time in history to take a tour of one of the most attacked careers in our nation at the moment.

After purchasing a $20 ticket you and people of all ages can enjoy this VIP tour. The tour displays the multimedia aspects of this building such as where the live show is filmed and then writers who make the off screen talent of the place go around.

You may even run into top notch editors during your visit or spot a familiar face that you have seen on your TV screen. There is a food court and a restaurant located inside for your own enjoyment after the tour.

Georgia Aquarium

An underwater must see destination that is located just outside of Atlanta.The aquarium is in downtown Atlanta on land donated by the Coca Cola Company. It’s blue metal-and-glass exterior is meant to evoke a giant ark breaking through a wave.

The world’s largest when it opened in November 2005, the aquarium encompasses 550,000 square feet 13 acres of covered space; its exhibits hold 8,000,000 US gallons of fresh and saltwater.

The aquarium offers a food court and an oh so adorable gift shop.

Hitting these three spots ensure that you will have a great time on your Atlanta vacay.

Check out the video below for more info on places to go in Atlanta!